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Why clay barring your vehicle is good

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

What does clay bar do for your vehicle?

Clay bar detailing is when you use an engineered elastic clay compound to remove particles from your car’s surface that a thorough car wash could never get. This includes:

  • Brake dust

  • Metal dust

  • Industrial pollution

  • Road grit

Everywhere you go, your car is being pelted with miniscule particles that bond to its surface. They can work their way down through the clear protective coat, through car paint, and all the way down to the metal frame. You’ll know you have a lot of particle buildup if you run your fingers along the paint after you wash your car. Does it feel bumpy? You’ve got particle buildup. But this won’t be solved with a simple wash. You need clay bar detailing.

How Does It Work?

Clay bar detailing takes place after a wash and dry, but before a polish.

Using a clay bar is pretty simple. We just need 3 things:

  • A detailing spray or clay bar lubricant

  • The clay bar

  • A microfiber cloth

First, we apply the detailing spray or clay lubricant to a small area of your car. This is important: without some sort of lubricant, the clay could damage your car's paint.

Then we slowly glide the clay along the body of your car. It’ll grab the surface, and pick up the particulates that bonded to the paint and frame.

Think of it a bit like Play-Doh. It moves and stretches in a similar way, and picks up dirt and particles – just like Play-Doh does.

When the clay stops gripping the surface and glides smoothly, we’ve gotten all the particulates from that area. We’ll wipe it down to remove any lingering residue, and do a touch-test. The paint should be smooth – no bumps.

We repeat this process until we’ve finished your entire car. We then follow up with a hand-wax and machine buff to get you that new-car shine.

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